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Best Tips for the Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is indisputably the most popular Online Game right now. Recent reports suggest that the game has over 10 million active players spread across 4 platforms (iOS, PC, Xbox One, PS4) that are battling it out every day.

How to Get V-bucks

Some tricks to getting free V-bucks:

  • Log into the game every day. Each daily login will provide you with a small amount of V-bucks, the amount might look too small at first but remember, they stack up.
  • Grind those daily quests. Each day, you get daily quests which reward you with XP and V-bucks once you complete them. Never miss these.
  • Win as much as you can. The more matches you win, the more XP you get. You receive Free V-bucks every time you reach a specific Level.


Essential Tips to winning in Fortnite:

If you are in on the Fortnite craze but are still just a newbie, then you need to read up on some tips and tricks, you need all the help you can get in this fiercely competitive game. This is not like any other battle royale, building things is a major thing in Fortnite and you’ll need to master this skill if you want to become a good player. Here is a list of the best tips available for Fortnite newbs:

  • Avoid running out in the open. Always try to go through cities, forests or the like. If you need to go out in the open then make sure that you have some resources available. If an enemy team spots you, just spam build Stairs and Walls. If the enemy team is far away then you should be safe. Look out for Rockets and Grenades though, those can easily destroy your buildings!
  • Always do the daily quests, you need those V-bucks if you want to win in style!
  • If the safe zone has just circled in on you then make it a point to look for players who are still trapped in the storm. They won’t pay attention to their surroundings so they are easy kills, their HP should also be low from sitting in the Storm. Remember that if you don’t kill these players, they may ambush you from the back when you least expect it, so try to pick them out before proceeding.

  • Choose a good place to jump. You don’t want to jump where everyone does – that ensures that you, or at least one of your team mates will die within the first minutes of the match which just ruins it. It’s a good thing that you can see the bus’s route before it starts, this way you’ll know to avoid some places from the start. Remember, the longer it takes you and your team to get to a place, the fewer players you’ll meet. This means that your squad is more likely to survive and you will also have much better loot.
  • When you see more squads fighting, don’t just jump in. Wait for them to be done with each other and pick out the winners, the goal of the match is to be the last Squad standing, not to rack in as many kills as possible.
  • Having good weapons is important. You’ll need different weapons for short range, medium range and long range. The faster you get those weapons, the better your chances of winning are. Personally, I prefer an M4 for Medium range, Tactical Shotgun for Short Range and a sniper for Long Range. If you get your hands on a Scar, then use that instead of the M4, it’s the best weapon available for Medium Range. Some other great but rare weapons are Rocket Launchers, Guided Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers. If used properly, you can take down entire squads by yourself.
  • Careful with Traps. Always assume there is a spike trap behind that door, they are very common to find so most players just set them up in buildings after they’re finished looting them. Some might even close all the building’s doors just to make it look as if it hasn’t been looted yet.
  • If you see players on high ground, try to surprise them by building stairs around their flanks while they are occupied. NEVER engage them if they both the high ground and a fort, there is almost no way for you to win that exchange.