Can you become the best Dragon Trainer ?

Although Dragon City is free to get and play and you get a lot in the beginning, as you progress you start to realize that the gems and other prizes that used to flow in so easily, are getting harder and harder to gain and you realize the only ways to get ahead is either to decide to pay real money or to look for some smart hacks to trick the system.  In this article we will be exploring some ways you can get to hacks and that are on offer these days.


What hacks can you get for Dragon City?

Most of the hacks out there are offering gems, food and gold. These are meant for breeding and growing your dragons and make them win battles all the easier. Naturally, as we all find gems so mystical, these are the number one resources offered by most hack –pages.

What ways can go get hacks?

The good thing in Dragon City is, that this being a game that can be played both online, through Facebook on Desktop and via an app which you can download to your iPhone and Android too. Let’s get to see what ways there are for you to get your hands on a real good hack out there:

  • To download:  there are dozens of gaming sites, hack sites and fan pages and most of them talk about hacks because of course everyone would like to get hold of some gems. But before you go ahead make sure you do some proper research. These are program packs which you need to download to your desktop and either apply for the online game or you can prompt them to help you with your application too.
  • To access online:  There are several websites offering instant access to hacks this or that way, this can be in form of a script or in form of you connecting with the website’s content (in this context, the page should be connected with your Facebook, as you play this game through that page, so this is the way it would access your gaming app inside.
  • To access specifically for your mobile app: these are the pages offering you the ability to upload or connect to the dragon city gems hack with your mobile phone. As this game can be both played by iOS and Android there are separate pages for both the apps.

Keep in mind:

  • Beware of the „endless hacks” promo. They are more likely to be a fraud or can simply take you to a fraudulent website.
  • Make sure you learn about a page before proceeding to access your Facebook through it. And if you do, make sure you instantly change your Facebook password, not to let anyone rip your data or your profile.
  • Small amount of hacks won’t hurt the game, but a terribly high amount of hacks won’t do you good. Better use little help and be proud of your own achievements than abuse it with too much hacks.