Strategies of Wheating and Managing Cream in Hay Day

The best way to experience farming is by playing one of the most amazing and interesting games which are known as Hay Day. Hay Day is a game that has been designed by Supercell for the Android and iOS devices. In order to play the game smoothly, the player has to know various strategies and tricks. It is true that the game is very easy, but it is not easy to master the game initially. There are many things that the player needs to gain knowledge about before he starts playing the game. The Hay Day Cheats will help him to reach the top levels and earn coins and diamonds in the game.

Best Tips & Trick for Hay Day in 2018

The player needs to be aware of the various strategies for managing the cream, sugar and harvesting wheat. Given below are the strategies that the player needs to keep in mind.

Wheating is one of the best ways for gathering the various supply materials. The reason behind this is that, the goods collected by the player in the game, from the crops to the lures, help in generating the supply materials. Wheating occurs extremely fast. This is why wheat is considered to be the perfect crop for farming if the player is looking to generate the supply materials. The primary thing that should be done by the player is to increase the capacity of the silo to 600. The player should make sure that the barn is also free so that the supply items and the wheat can be stored in the barn.

The player should now sell the wheat as fast as possible and take benefit of the existing RSS. He should refuse to produce bread or to sell the wheat to a visitor. Since the visitor asks for more than 1 item, the player can grow corns as well.

If the player plans to create and store cream and sugar, then he needs to plan the production of the goods that require cream or sugar. For example, the player can produce strawberry ice creams or cherry popsicles in the Ice Cream Maker Machine as these products require hardly any materials. The player can produce redberry cakes in the Cake Machine as this does not require cream or sugar at all.

Once the players start mastering these strategies, he will start enjoying the game as well. Strategies are very important to play the game in an amazing manner.