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Kimbal Musk’s Tesla Model 3 giveaway is about the bigger picture

Kimbal Musk is giving away his personal, fully-loaded Tesla Model 3 to help raise funds for Big Green, a nonprofit organization aimed at fostering learning gardens and food literacy among schoolchildren in the United States.

There is no doubt that one lucky donor to Kimbal’s fundraiser will bring home the incredibly rare VIN#006 Tesla. Looking at the rationale behind Big Green and the nonprofit’s long-term goals, however, it becomes evident that this particular fundraiser is more than just about a car — it is about being part of a change.

An avid food enthusiast, Kimbal Musk has been vocal about the state of nutrition among America’s children for years. In a TEDx Talk in Boulder back in 2011, Kimbal described how unhealthy eating habits have become so ingrained in children, interacting with healthy food has turned into an unfamiliar experience.

“Over the past few decades, we have not been responsible stewards. We’ve changed America’s culture from a food culture to a fuel culture. For children, it’s even worse. Fat and sugar is all they know. Going to a vegetable garden is like going to the zoo,” Kimbal said.

Kimbal’s reservations about how America’s young and their unhealthy eating habits are well-founded. Last year, researchers from Harvard simulated future obesity rates for the United States’ kids; and the results were alarming. According to the Harvard study, over 57% of children in America today could be obese by the time they reach the age of 35. This is far more than figures outlined in CDC’s recent study, which suggested that nearly 40% of America’s population is obese today. A huge part of this problem, of course, is America’s culture of embracing processed, industrial food.

This is where Kimbal Musk’s Big Green is trying to make a difference.

“Habits form early and so should a good diet. It all starts with real food.” – Kimbal Musk

Big Green builds Learning Gardens in America’s underserved schools. According to the nonprofit’s official website, the modular gardens are designed to be outdoor classrooms that literally teach children how to dig into their education and thrive in real, nutritious food and healthy eating habits. Big Green has established hundreds of these Learning Gardens across America to date, and it is hoping to build more.