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Playstation – Classic Games You Should Play Part 1


Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross was the follow up to the wildly popular Chrono Trigger released on the Super Nintendo. Because of its earlier ancestor, Chrono Cross was released to a great deal of hype. While true die hard fans of Chrono Trigger had trouble accepting this new title, Chrono Cross is a game that deserves to be played. Chrono Cross is a classic role playing game with a few tweaks to the standard battle system which makes it more refreshing. There are branching story paths and many hidden characters which can be unlocked. The graphics are excellent and colorful for a game of its time, and the story line is dramatic and epic.

Vandal Hearts

Vandal Hearts was one of the very first strategy role playing games to be released for the Playstation, and it has a cult following even today. The characters are presented beautifully as sprites against the backdrop of a revolving battlefield. There are multiple class options and each character has his or her own personality that you will end up really caring about them. The challenge can be difficult, but is never so hard that you can not defeat the game with a little perseverance. There are also a good amount of hidden unlockables to be discovered. The only downside to the game is that it is completely linear, but the excellent story more than makes up for this fact.


The Suikoden series is one of the most important role playing series ever created. Not only does it have an avid and devoted following, it helped shaped the role playing genre to what it is today. Suikoden features a deep and rewarding story, as well as a cast of 108 recruitable characters. Players can build an entire castle as well as an army to do battles on a grander scale. Suikoden also features unique gameplay elements such as dueling and commanding entire armies. There are tons upon tons of party combinations and the characters themselves are all engaging.

Dragon Warrior VII

The Dragon Warrior series has been around since the infant days of the old Nintendo. The seventh iteration has deep ties to this older style of role playing. The game can be played for over 100 hours if a player is dedicated enough to unlock all of the hidden easter eggs. There are many classes some of which need to be unlocked through special circumstances, and the story is excellent. The combat system may feel a bit rudimentary but it gets the job done and the hand drawn enemy models are terrific. The game also boasts a decent amount of challenge and diversity as well. This is a great game to invest a great deal of time into.

The Legend of Dragoon

The Legend of Dragoon is an excellent role playing experience and is designed as an epic in the same vein as the Final Fantasy series. The battle system is unique and features timed strikes and attacks that use the players inputs to improve in power. There are also spectacular spells and a deep cast of characters. There are many hidden unlockables as well that will only help to make your party and characters stronger. The enemies are also varied and detailed. The story is very deep and the graphics and cut scenes are top notch for a game of its time.